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The Biz NI - Northern Ireland Business Directory A - Z


Accountants Northern Ireland

Accountants Belfast


Antiques Northern Ireland

Antiques Belfast


Architects Northern Ireland

Architects Belfast


Fencing Northern Ireland

Fencing Belfast


Fireplaces Northern Ireland

Fireplaces Belfast


Flooring Northern Ireland

Flooring Belfast


Paving Northern Ireland

Paving Belfast

Pest Control

Pest Control Northern Ireland

Pest Control Belfast


Photographers Northern Ireland

Photographers Belfast

Photographers Derry


Bathrooms Northern Ireland

Bathrooms Belfast

Beauty Salons

Beauty Salons Northern Ireland

Beauty Salons Belfast

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture Northern Ireland

Bedroom Furniture Belfast


Blinds Northern Ireland

Blinds Belfast


Florists Northern Ireland

Florists Belfast

Florists Derry

Furniture Shops

Furniture Shops Northern Ireland

Furniture Shops Belfast

Garage Doors

Garage Doors Northern Ireland

Garage Doors Belfast

Garden Centres

Garden Centres Northern Ireland

Garden Centres Belfast


Plumbers in Northern Ireland

Plumbers in Belfast


Printers Northern Ireland

Printers Belfast

PVC Windows

PVC Windows Northern Ireland

PVC Windows Belfast

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies Northern Ireland

Recruitment Agencies Belfast

Recruitment Agencies Derry

Bouncy Castle Hire

Bouncy Castle Hire Northern Ireland

Bouncy Castle Hire Belfast

Bouncy Castle Hire Derry


Building Contractors Northern Ireland

Building Contractors Belfast

Bus Hire

Bus Hire Northern Ireland

Bus Hire Belfast

Car Dealers

Car Dealers NI

Car Dealers Belfast

Car Dealers Derry

Car Hire

Car Hire Northern Ireland

Car Hire Belfast

Car Hire Derry

Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds Northern Ireland

Garden Sheds Belfast


Hairdressers Northern Ireland

Hairdressers Belfast

Hairdressers Derry

Hairdressers Lisburn

Home Insurance

Home Insurance Northern Ireland


Hotels in Northern Ireland

Hotels in Belfast

Hotels in Derry

Hotels in Ballymena

Hotels in Carrickfergus

Hotels in Cookstown

Hotels in Coleraine

Hotels in Enniskillen

Hotels in Newry

Hotels in Omagh

Hotels in Portrush

Hotels in Portstewart


Restaurants Northern Ireland

Restaurants Belfast

Restaurants Derry


Rugs Northern Ireland

Rugs Belfast

Second Hand Furniture

Second Hand Furniture Northern Ireland

Second Hand Furniture Belfast

Skip Hire

Skip Hire Northern Ireland

Skip Hire Belfast

Skip Hire Derry

Car Insurance

Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Car Insurance Belfast


Carpets Northern Ireland

Carpets Belfast

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services Northern Ireland

Cleaning Services Belfast

Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs Northern Ireland

Computer Repairs Belfast


Conservatories Northern Ireland


Hypnotherapy Northern Ireland

Hypnotherapy Belfast

Interior Designers

Interior Designers Northern Ireland

Interior Designers Belfast


Jewellers Northern Ireland

Jewellers Belfast


Kitchens Northern Ireland

Kitchens Belfast


Sofas Northern Ireland

Sofas Belfast


Solicitors Northern Ireland

Solicitors Belfast

Solicitors Derry


Tiles Northern Ireland

Tiles Belfast

Training Courses

Training Courses Northern Ireland

Travel Agents

Travel Agents Northern Ireland

Travel Agents Belfast

Travel Agents Derry


Courier Northern Ireland

Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Northern Ireland

Dog Grooming Belfast


Doors Northern Ireland

Doors Belfast

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Northern Ireland

Driving Lessons Belfast

Driving Lessons Derry

Driving Lessons Lisburn

Estate Agents

Estate Agents Northern Ireland

Estate Agents Belfast

Estate Agents Derry

Estate Agents Armagh

Estate Agents Portadown

Estate Agents Lurgan

Estate Agents Enniskillen

Estate Agents Newry

Estate Agents Lisburn

Estate Agents Omagh

Estate Agents Cookstown

Estate Agents Ballymena

Limo Hire

Limo Hire Northern Ireland

Limo Hire Belfast

Limo Hire Derry

Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire Northern Ireland


Mortgages Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland Newspapers

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes Northern Ireland

Nursing Homes Belfast

Office Furniture

Office Furniture Northern Ireland

Office Furniture Belfast


Opticians Northern Ireland

Opticians Belfast


Tyres Northern Ireland

Tyres Belfast

Tyres Derry

Used Cars

Used Cars NI

Used Cars Belfast

Used Cars Derry

Van Hire

Van Hire Northern Ireland

Van Hire Belfast


Vets Northern Ireland

Vets Belfast

Web Design

Web Design Northern Ireland

Web Design Belfast

Web Design Derry


Windows Northern Ireland

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